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IT Haikus

Most IT professionals will find a personal, and sometimes even painful meaning in these haikus. Continue reading

Seahawks Graphics and wallpapers for 2015


I am proud and honored to use my Photoshop skills to express the awesomeness of being a 12. I have been making these graphics throughout the 2015 Season. I share them on my FaceBook page and on the 12 Man FaceBook page. You are welcome to download them and use them, as long as you don’t use my graphics disrespectfully or post them on any website that promotes hate or discrimination, and you must leave my graphics wholly intact.













Seattle Seahawks against the Dallas Cowboys, November 1, 2015

Personally, I don’t have anything against the Dallas Cowboys. They’re as good a team as most others in the NFL. But one of my best friends loves the Cowboys and loves to talk smack about the Seattle Seahawks. That’s OK, I know it’s all just wishful thinking on his part. But still, talking smack about my Seahawks is an offense that will not go unanswered. So on behalf of my friend, and the simple fact that the Seattle Seahawks are a better team than the Dallas Cowboys, I came up with a couple graphics to show my support and sentiment.




This one goes out to my buddy S.F.


GLobal Warming’s Affect on Hurricane Patricia

It seems that a lot of people still think global warming is either not a big issue or is false altogether, despite overwhelming empirical evidence to the contrary. Well, OK, some people just have a difficult time coming around to the truth. Continue reading

Seahawks vs 49ers October 22 2015

As football fans in Seattle, there are a few teams that we just love to play. One of those teams are the San Fransisco 49er’s.  Whether the 49er’s come to Seattle, or the Seahawks go to San Fransisco, we like to roll out the red carpet and let the 49er’s know that we 12’s love and respect the 49er’s dearly. And to show how much we love the 49er’s, I made a few graphics to share with the world. Feel free to save and share.



The Batman bitch-slap GIF has been around for a long time. But it… Continue reading

They Lady 12’s Love Their Seahawks

Yesterday, I thought I'd have a little fun, and I photoshopped a poster layout for the lady fans of Seattle Seahawks. Continue reading

Playing around with Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop is one of my favorite graphical tools. Lately, I have been testing Adobe Creative Cloud, which has taken Photoshop from the desktop to the cloud, and I have to say, I love it. Here are a few graphics that I created.


I call this Cosmos, and it’s kind of symbolic of some of my personal philosophies. The fun thing is that if you stare at the white spot, things start to shift around. I started this graphic with one of the triangles that was actually part of a different graphic. I cropped out the shape and cleaned it up,… Continue reading

We are destroying the Earth, and it is completely our fault

The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Let's scale that to 46 years. On that scale, humans have been here for 4 hours. Our industrial revolution began 1 minute ago. In that time, we have destroyed more than 50% of the world's forests Continue reading

Windows 10 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

Windows 10 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions Continue reading

A New Horizons flyover of Pluto’s Tombaugh Region

Humans might not ever explore Pluto personally, but thanks to a fascinating video just released by NASA, we can see what flying over Pluto would look like. Continue reading

Carl Sagan – A New Consciousness Is Emerging

A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognizes an organism at war with itself is doomed. Continue reading

New Horizons Spacecraft Arrives at Pluto

After travelling through space for nine years and more than 4 billion kilometers, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft arrives at Pluto tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Continue reading

Anti-Confederate Flag Badge

You are welcome to use this graphic as long as it is not used to promote racial discrimination, or posted on any site or service that promotes racial discrimination. Continue reading

Farewell my friend, until we meet again

This morning, I say good-bye to a dear friend, and a most amazing pet. Kat passed away late last night, after losing the fight against a sudden illness. Her pain is gone and her spirit is free. Continue reading

Congratulations Patriots, and Thank you Seahawks!

It is not a sad day for the Seahawks or the 12’s. we made it to the Super Bowl and we played like the champions we are. But only one team can win, and this year it’s the Patriots. Continue reading

Video: New experiences unveiled for Windows 10

Microsoft Vice-President Joe Belfiore released a video today highlighting user experience with Microsoft's newest member of their line of operating systems, Windows 10. Continue reading

Seattle Seahawks 2014 NFC West Champions

I made this Seahawks graphic to commemorate the Seattle Seahawks victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on December 28th, making the Seattle Seahawks the 20145 NFC West Champions. Continue reading

Humor: Spoofed Holiday Music

In the Spirit of the Holidays, I like to share a little humor with some of the funniest Holiday Music spoofs. Now, be careful before playing these Holiday tunes at work or around sensitive ears, as they might find these tunes inappropriate or even offensive. Continue reading

Humor: Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job!

I made this sign for a friend who gets frustrated when people try to tell him how to do his job. He grins and bears it for the benefit of the customer, but in his thoughts, it's a different story. Continue reading

Seahawk Tribute Video Playlist

You think Seahawk fans are loud? That’s only part of it. We are also crazy dedicated to our Hawks. This is my personal playlist of my favorite Seahawks videos on YouTube. Most of it is musical tributes from Seahawk fans, other’s celebrate our Superbowl 48 victory. All of them are inspiring and entertaining. I hope you enjoy it.


If you want to see the playlist on YouTube, Click Here

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