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Adding the Run Command to the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Start Menu

Windows 7 and Windows Vista do not have the Run command listed in the Start menu. Instead, Microsoft wants you to use the search bar by typing in the name of the program you want to run. For example. to open Microsoft Word, you type the word “word” in the search box, and hit the Enter key; to open a command box, you use the command “cmd”, and so forth.

As an alternative, you could hold down the Windows logo key (if your keyboard has this), and press the R key. This will bring up the run command box.

For folks that prefer to have a Run command in the Start menu, you can add it by following these steps:

1. Right click an open area of the Task bar

2. Select Properties

3. Select the Start Menu tab

4. Tick the Start menu entry and click the “Customize” button to the right.

5. Scroll down the list until you find the “Run command” entry.

6. Place a check-mark in the “Run command” check box.

7. Click OK.

The Run command should now appear in the Start Menu.



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