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Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children


I have never understood how the theories of creationism still exist as a truth to millions of people around the world today. Especially with all of the evidence and scientific discovery to the contrary. But, I have always felt that people are entitled to believe anything they wish and to live their lives accordingly, as long at it did not disrupt or interview with other people’s right to live their lives as they believe.

Still, for me, the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. Life on earth is a process of evolution, and that includes human evolution. Furthermore, there are 200 to 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone, most have planets orbiting them. And there are countless trillions of galaxies in the universe. I find it impossible to believe that life at least as evolved and intelligent as human life exists only here on this earth.

So when I saw this video clip by Bill Nye the Science Guy, on his view on believing and teaching creationism, especially to our children, I had to smile.

You can believe what your heart and conscience tell you is right. I won’t dispute that. In fact, I will defend your right to do so. If you want to believe that the first humans on this earth were named Adam and Eve, and that all human life originated from Adam and Eve, go ahead. Even though it is not possible for two people to produce a human gene pool large enough to support all the varieties of humans on this planet, and even though science has proven beyond reasonable doubt that humans once were ape-like and that all life on earth has a common origin. That’s fine with me. you can believe in unicorns and dragons if you like, I don’t care.

But because you believe one thing, is it your place to force that belief on our children, or anyone else for that matter? Think about it.



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