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This is my home. It is precious to me

While I am not an environmental extremist, I do believe that we must take responsibility for the damage we are causing our planet. We have to change our way of thinking and start pushing for change. Continue reading

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind

On July 20th, 1969, American Astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped down from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, and stepped onto the surface of the moon. It was indeed one small step for man, but it was a giant leap for mankind that would change the way we saw the Universe and our place in the Cosmos.  Suddenly, we were not confined to our planet Earth.  Until that moment, exploring the moon was only a fantasy, the stuff of science-fiction. The Apollo 11 mission to land a man on the moon and deliver him safely back to… Continue reading

Decorative Knot-work on a Knife Grip

This knife is done with two Turks Head knots and a French Whipping.  The line I used is a tarred-soaked, twisted white nylon twine. The cool thing about this twine is that over time, the tar on the outer edges fades and gives it a great antique look. I like to use this line when making decorative mugs and steins too, although I prefer to use a thicker twine. Only one piece of twine was used on this knife handle.


The Turks Head knot is a little tricky to learn, but once… Continue reading

Greatest Vacation Ever!

Take one man coming up on his 48th birthday, add a ten-day vacation, and a mountain bike and the Pacific ocean, and what do you get?  498 miles of the greatest vacation ever!  It took almost a year of planning and training , and a few trial runs to work out the bugs,  but it was so worth it!


My trip started out in Renton Washington, and took me through places like  Centralia,   South Bend and Long Beach Washington, to Astoria Oregon  and then finally Seaside Oregon. And then back all… Continue reading

My Skydiving Adventure

It started out with a co-worker and I deciding to go skydiving, and quickly became a company picnic with ten of us, including the president of Puget Systems, going skydiving. For each of us, it was our first time actually jumping out of an airplane. Albeit, we all jumped in tandem, with instructors strapped to our backs, it was still the most thrilling event I have ever partaken in.

July 13, 2007

Blue Sky Skydiving, Bremerton Washington

We chose Blue Sky Skydiving because of its location and reputation. Bremerton provides an excellent view of the… Continue reading

The O’Brien Family Coat of Arms

Years ago, before my Uncle Rick passed away, he gave me a picture of our family coat of arms, the original image on the left. I rebuilt the image element by element in Photoshop until I completely redesigned the crest. I think I am going to take my design and have it made in a 3 dimensional metal wall plaque.

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A Christmas Photo Retouch

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Turning a company Christmas party picture into a Family Portrait

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Recommended Websites: AnimatedKnots.com – A cool animated knot tying guide

I found a website dedicated to tying knots. It’s nicely organized into categories and has a great collection of well presented animated guides.

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