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New Horizons Spacecraft Arrives at Pluto

After travelling through space for nine years and more than 4 billion kilometers, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft arrives at Pluto tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Continue reading

Astronomical Sciences Video Playlist

This is a mixed collection of some of my favorite space-geek videos on YouTube. Yes, I am one of those guys who loves documentaries of space and space exploration. I also enjoy scientific lectures and debates about cosmology, astronomy, and physics.


The Pacific Northwest from the International Space Station

This is a great picture taken by Astronaut Reid Wiseman from the International Space Station as it flew over the Pacific Northwest. I am not sure when this picture was taken, but that it was taken recently, I am sure. Seattle is near the center of this picture. Continue reading

Supermoon – August 10, 2014

The moon showed big and bright over Renton Washington last night. Called the Supermoon because it’s closest distance to the earth, 31,000 miles closer in its elliptical orbit of 253,000 miles from the earth.


One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind

On July 20th, 1969, American Astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped down from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, and stepped onto the surface of the moon. It was indeed one small step for man, but it was a giant leap for mankind that would change the way we saw the Universe and our place in the Cosmos.  Suddenly, we were not confined to our planet Earth.  Until that moment, exploring the moon was only a fantasy, the stuff of science-fiction. The Apollo 11 mission to land a man on the moon and deliver him safely back to… Continue reading

Pleidades supercomputer calulates most accurate simulation of evolving universe

After 18 days and millions of computer hours of processing data over more than 160.000 processors, we now have what  NASA Scientists and other scientists around the world  consider to be the most accurate and detailed simulation of  the evolving universe to date, giving physicists and astronomers a powerful tool for studying the cosmos.


The Bolshoi simulation code is designed to model the distribution of dark matter across a span of one billion light years. Dark matter comprises 22% of the universe. This matter, different from atoms, does not emit or absorb light,… Continue reading

Spectacular Time-lapse view of earth from space

This time-lapse was created from photographs taken from the International Space Station from August to October 2011. As well as providing a very cool HD view of our Earth from space, this video also presents a spectacular rarely seen perspective of the Aurora Borealis.


Shooting locations in order of appearance:

1. Aurora Borealis Pass over the United States at Night
2. Aurora Borealis and eastern United States at Night
3. Aurora Australis from Madagascar to southwest of Australia
4. Aurora Australis south of Australia
5. Northwest coast of United States to Central South America at… Continue reading

One small step for man…

It would have been easy to get lost in the “hero worship” The entire world knew his name and his accomplishment. It truly was a giant leap for mankind; akin to harvesting the power of fire; something that no other creature that has ever lived on this planet had ever done. It was mankind that put a man on the Moon, but it was Neil Armstrong that will forever be known in human history as the greatest pioneer of our time.

Yet Mr. Armstrong didn’t care for the limelight to be cast on him. Despite his accomplishments,… Continue reading

You Are Here: The Digital Universe (Video)

This fascinating video clip puts our place in the known universe into perspective. Take a journey from Earth, beyond our solar system, beyond the Milky Way, to the very edge of the cosmos, to the beginning of time. And then, return back through space and time, back to Earth. Continue reading

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