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Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks vs 49ers October 22 2015

As football fans in Seattle, there are a few teams that we just love to play. One of those teams are the San Fransisco 49er’s.  Whether the 49er’s come to Seattle, or the Seahawks go to San Fransisco, we like to roll out the red carpet and let the 49er’s know that we 12’s love and respect the 49er’s dearly. And to show how much we love the 49er’s, I made a few graphics to share with the world. Feel free to save and share.



The Batman bitch-slap GIF has been around for a long… Continue reading

They Lady 12’s Love Their Seahawks

Yesterday, I thought I'd have a little fun, and I photoshopped a poster layout for the lady fans of Seattle Seahawks. Continue reading

Congratulations Patriots, and Thank you Seahawks!

It is not a sad day for the Seahawks or the 12’s. we made it to the Super Bowl and we played like the champions we are. But only one team can win, and this year it’s the Patriots. Continue reading

Seattle Seahawks 2014 NFC West Champions

I made this Seahawks graphic to commemorate the Seattle Seahawks victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on December 28th, making the Seattle Seahawks the 20145 NFC West Champions. Continue reading

Seahawk Tribute Video Playlist

You think Seahawk fans are loud? That’s only part of it. We are also crazy dedicated to our Hawks. This is my personal playlist of my favorite Seahawks videos on YouTube. Most of it is musical tributes from Seahawk fans, other’s celebrate our Superbowl 48 victory. All of them are inspiring and entertaining. I hope you enjoy it.


If you want to see the playlist on YouTube, Click Here

Seattle Seahawks vs. Philadelphia Eagles desktop wallpaper

ARE YOU READY desktop wallpaper Continue reading


One of the great joys of being a Seahawks fan, or even a Seahawk player, is all the bad calls we get from the ref’s. Not that all of their calls are bad, but we get more than our share. So, a couple of guys got together and put together this little song to express our sentiment. Well done and Cudo’s toDoug Duin and Spike O’Neill for a great job!


Getting Geeky with the Seattle Seahawks 2014 Season

I posted this page for my fellow Seattle Seahawks fans, to give you a quick one-stop resource to the Seahawks 2014 Schedule, wallpapers, and mobile apps. Why? Well, lets just say, if the world thought the Seahawks fans were obnoxious last year, wait till they see us this year! No, seriously, the NFL has some great teams and I personally wish every one of them a great season. And I am really looking forward to watching the Seattle Seahawks beat all your butts to Super Bowl 2015 😉

Seahawks 2014 Game Schedule

It is going to be… Continue reading

Go Seahawks!

I do something a little different to show my Seahawk Pride. I change the theme of website to my Seahawks theme. I normally don't switch themes until the football season actually starts, which in my mind is at the pre-season games. This year, the Seahawk spirit is motivating me to put up my Seahawk colors a little early. Continue reading

In Memory of the Greatest Seahawk Fans I Have Ever Known

My Grandparents are the most loyal Seahawk fans I have ever known. Through the good times and the bad times, their pride in the Seahawks never wavered. In fact, in true 12th man spirit, the worse things got, the louder they got. Sadly, they both passed away before ever seeing the Seahawks win a Super Bowl Championship. So, on behalf of my Grandparents, I am going to watch the Super Bowl for them. And I hope, in some way, that they know it, and they get to see their favorite team win the Super Bowl.




Merry Super Bowl Everyone!

I woke up this morning, and it felt like Christmas morning when I was a young kid. So full of excitement and anticipation. I have waited most of my life to see the Seattle Seahawks win the Super bowl. We got very close once, but we are going to take the Super Bowl home this year!The only sad part of all this, is that my Grandparents aren’t here to see their beloved Seahawks in their finest moment. My Grandparents were the biggest and most loyal Seahawks fans I have ever known. Today, I am going to watch… Continue reading

Seahawks take the NFC! Next stop, Super Bowl!

Last night’s game, wow! Was that amazing, or what? Hands down, the best Seahawks game I have ever watched. What a great feeling to watch the Seahawks prove once again that we are ready to take on the Supper Bowl championship. Let’s be honest, it’s been a long road for the Seahawks. Getting close, but never close enough. And then finally, we made it to the Super Bowl in 2005. It was a great game against the Steelers, but we lost to the ref’s. What can I say? We’re Back!!! And we’re going to the Super Bowl 2014, and we are going for the championship!

We're going to the Super Bowl!



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