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In the News: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Information Act (CISPA)

CISPA BannerIn light of recent network attacks and the rise in cyber espionage and hacking attacks, CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, will be reintroduced next week in the House of Representatives. You may recall that CISPA was introduced to the House last year, but was quickly abandoned in part over serious privacy concerns. The Obama Administration promised to veto the bill at the time, arguing that it did not provide clear legal privacy protections to citizens and lacked independent oversight, which would undermine the public’s trust in the government.

But the nail that sealed the case for CISPA last year came from freedom activists whose efforts helped to kill the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The immediate response from online activists shocked politicians who were still recovering from their SOPA disaster, and that was it for CISPA. Somehow though, we knew we hadn’t seen the last of CISPA, and we were right.

When it was announced that CISPA would be resurrected and again presented to the House of Representatives, the call to arms was once again sounded, and the ever-ready freedom activists are quickly organizing and growing their numbers and support. We may yet have a cyber war on our hands, and soon. Now, I posted this page as soon as I got the word that CISPA was indeed making a second appearance. As events unfold, I will post updates here. I will also be posting links to resources and other information and news on CISPA.

Your comments are always welcome. I’d love to know your perspective on CISPA and privacy rights, and protecting our freedoms while making the Internet a safe place. When it comes to privacy and safety online, there is no win/win. Compromises must be made, but where? There’s a form at the bottom of this post where you can sound off and share your thoughts. Don’t worry, your privacy is well respected here. Read my Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.  You can also subscribe to this post so that you automatically receive updates when I update this post.




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