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Google to go Nuclear against SOPA

Things could get interesting if congress doesn’t get the message that we don’t want SOPA. If they didn’t get the message after some 37,000 domains left GoDaddy in protest of their support for SOPA, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter might be able to get the message across by simultaneously shutting down their services. So far, there is no actual plan to shut down these services in protest, but there is talk.

Frankly, this might not be a bad idea. If they do decide to shut down, I hope they do it for a 24 hour period. that should get everyone’s attention. Can you imaging the impact this would have on the United States? Not to mention, the rest of the world.

As for me, it would be inconvenient for a day if Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter did shut down, but I would support their effort. I just hope that instead of going completely offline, they each provide a statement and resources to help the U.S. population deliver a clear message to Congress.

We don’t want SOPA!

If this sounds interesting, read the rest of theĀ  story on ExtremeTech.com.




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