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Greatest Vacation Ever!

Take one man coming up on his 48th birthday, add a ten-day vacation, and a mountain bike and the Pacific ocean, and what do you get?  498 miles of the greatest vacation ever!  It took almost a year of planning and training , and a few trial runs to work out the bugs,  but it was so worth it!


My trip started out in Renton Washington, and took me through places like  Centralia,   South Bend and Long Beach Washington, to Astoria Oregon  and then finally Seaside Oregon. And then back all the way to Hoquiam Washington, and Olympia Washington, and finally ended in Yelm, Washington.  I was supposed to end the trip back in Renton, but by the time I made it to Yelm, it was getting late and there wasn’t anywhere to set up a tent. But that’s OK. The trip was supposed to be 340 miles, and I beat that, so I am still very happy.

Route Map


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