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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year world! Here’s wishing all of us around the world health and happiness. Let’s really try to put aside our differences and embrace our common grounds. Let’s open our hearts and resources to help someone in need. And let’s work hard to make this amazing little planet a better place for all creatures great and small.

2012 was a good year. We saw our economy pick up, jobs are coming back, and all in all it’s a little easier to live in the Northwest. 2012 brought a few changes in my life. I left my position at one company and found an even better job with another! I also got rid of my car and went back to riding my bike and taking the bus. Now, I am working on loosing weight and getting back into shape.  One of my goals for 2013 is to get my weight down to 185lbs, maybe 175lbs. I plan to do most of that between a good diet and bike riding. I am even thinking about taking a week’s vacation this summer and riding to Seaside Oregon and back.

I wish everyone a great year. Good health to you and all the happiness you can handle, and then just a little bit more. I leave you here with this great video of the 2013 fireworks  display over Seattle’s Space Needle. It was spectacular this year!


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