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Free Microsoft Stuff!

People don't generally think of the term "free" in conjunction with "Microsoft", but in truth, Microsoft actually has a huge list of useful free stuff. You just have to know where to look or how to dig for it. You don't even have to do that. Because I have done it for you Continue reading

Welcome to Office 365

Office 365 is the latest mile-marker in the evolution of Microsoft Office. Office 365 is becoming very popular in the business environment as being a stable and cost effective solution for office productivity and data management. Continue reading

Set Defer Delivery in Outlook 2007 and 2010

Have you ever sent an e-mail that you wished you hadn’t sent?  It happens quite often, and it recently happened to me. I intended to reply to just one person on a distribution list, but accidently replied to everyone on the list, which is everyone that works in my office. How embarrassing! Since we use Outlook 2010 on an Exchange server, I was at least able to try and recall the message. But that only works if the message hasn’t been opened or previewed.  Once the message has been viewed, there is no… Continue reading

Score Ten Free E-Books from Microsoft Press

Microsoft Press is giving away ten free e-books on SQL Server 2008 and 2012, MS Office 365 and 2010, Deploying Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, Programming Windows Phone 7, and Virtualization Solutions. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Introducing Microsoft Server 2012   (Download in PDF Format – 288 pages; 10.8 MB)  The final and complete version of Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012, by Ross Mistry  and Stacia Misner. 10 Chapters covering Introduction, Disaster-Recovery Enhancements, SQL Server 2012 Editions and Engine Enhancements, Data Administration, Performance and Scalability, , Security Enhancements, Programmability… Continue reading

Creating an e-mail signature in Outlook

An e-mail signature typically looks something like this:

James O’Brien

That’s a very simple and basic signature that takes about 10 to 20 seconds to type into my outgoing e-mails. But if I am sending and answering e-mails all day long, it can get tedious to type my signature with every e-mail. Most e-mail clients, Outlook included, provide a method of automatically inserting a signature in your outgoing email.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Select “Tools | Options…” from the menu in Outlook

Creating an Outlook Signature

2) Go to the “Mail Format” tab

Creating an Outlook Signature

3) Go to… Continue reading

Microsoft Outlook 2010 – Accidently Deleted Distribution List

It seems that accidentally deleting a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a fairly common issue. The problem is that the Delete Group button is right next to the Save & Close button in the Contact Group pane. Fortunately, recovering a deleted distribution list is fairly easy.

Depending on whether you are using Outlook as a stand-alone e-mail client or using Outlook in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server, the process to recover accidentally deleted distribution lists is as follows:


Recovering a distribution List

  1. In the Navigation pane, click Deleted Items
  2. Find the distribution list that… Continue reading

Add “Recover Deleted Files” option to Outlook Tools menu

Typically, when you delete an item from a folder in a mailbox, that item is first transferred to the Deleted Items folder of that mailbox. You can then remove the item from the Deleted Items folder. This provides a measure of protection in case you accidentally delete an item. After the items are removed from the Deleted Items folder, you can still recover them if Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 or Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server has been configured to retain deleted items.

Continue reading

Resolve: No e-mail through VPN

Here’s an interesting issue I dealt with last week. The company I work for has a lot of employees that frequently work through vpn connections, through which they have access to network resources and the Exchange server. Last week, we started getting complaints that people were not able to send or receive e-mail when they were logged into their vpn’s.

We checked the typical settings, the exchange proxy, network settings, so forth. Nothing worked to resolve the issue. That is, until when we figured out that if we moved the vpn connection to the top of the… Continue reading

Recommended Website: Outlook Daily Tips

This is a great resource for average Outlook users and support technicians to find solutions to common Outlook problems, and also find great tips and solutions to help you use Outlook to your best advantage. I often refer to this website for Outlook issues, and I consider it a great resource.

About Outlook Daily Tips

Owned by Outlook MVP Diane Poremsky, President and CEO of CDOLive LLC, Outlook Tips website was founded in July 2003 to help users learn to use Outlook, one day at a time through the Outlook Tips mailing list providing tips to subscribers… Continue reading

Free Training Manuals for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a very powerful productivity suite, and it can be daunting to learn how to effectively use. Since Microsoft Office is the most popular productivity suites in the world, demand is high for employees with proficient Office skills in any job market.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some great resources for anyone looking to learn or advance their Office skills.

This first resource takes you to the Mouse Training Company, a technical training company in the United Kingdom. They have made all of their Microsoft Office Training Manuals and Quick… Continue reading

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