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Recommended Programs and Apps

Free Microsoft Stuff!

People don't generally think of the term "free" in conjunction with "Microsoft", but in truth, Microsoft actually has a huge list of useful free stuff. You just have to know where to look or how to dig for it. You don't even have to do that. Because I have done it for you Continue reading

Get Adobe CS2 Free and Legal

CS2 DownloadAdobe, a leader in graphical and photographic design software, is retiring it’s Adobe Creative Suite 2 package, and taking activation for CS2 off their servers. As a result, Adobe is making the Adobe CS2 Suite available for a free download, no strings attached, except that you do have to create an account with Adobe, but that’s not so bad.  You will need a high-speed Internet connection, and up to 4 CDR’s if you want to burn the installation media to CD, or you can download the executable files for Windows or Mac.  The… Continue reading

Recommended Programs: CCleaner

This guide explains how to download and use CCleaner to clean out junk files and manage the performance and stability of Windows-based computers. CCleaner is a great program for cleaning out junk files on Windows-based computers. If all CCleaner did was clean out junk files, I would still recommend it, but CCleaner does much more than just delete your temporary internet files and dump your system cache. CCleaner also has an excellent registry scanner, a great disk and free space wiper, and a host of other valuable utilities to help you keep your computer tuned and running well. Continue reading

Running Internet Explorer 6 dependent business applications in windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8 or 9

A big security issue that many businesses are forced to live with is having to use Internet Explorer 6.0 in order to run their business applications. The problem of course, is that Internet Explorer 6.0 has huge security issues. Unless the companies that write the browser-based business applications update their code to support current and more secure versions of Internet Explorer, businesses that have to use these applications either have to live with these major security risks, or they have to try and beef up their firewalls and network security to make up for the security flaws… Continue reading

Wi-Fi Analyzer App for Android

Whether you are a home user troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues in your home, or a mobile user just looking for a good public wireless signal, the Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android is a great tool to have; and it’s free!

Wi-Fi Analyzer does more than just show you what wireless access points (WAP’s) are nearby, much more.

Wi-Fi Analyzer will show you the channels of the nearby wireless networks, and show you where those channels are overlapping.  This is great if you live in an area where there are many WAP’s nearby, and you are experiencing connectivity… Continue reading

Streamwriter: Stream and Record Internet Radio

Streamwriter is a free program that runs in windows or as a portable app that lets you stream and record Internet radio .

Continue reading

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