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About this website

OBrienPC.net has been online since March 14, 2001, and was developed to promote onsite computer and network support services to small and medium-sized companies in Hunt County Texas. When I closed OBrienPC Integrated Computing Services in Texas, and moved back to my home state Washington, OBrienPc.net was redesigned to promote my skills and technical background to prospective employers and clients.  Today, OBrienPC.net continues to promote my skills and technical background, and also serves as my personal website, where I also post my hobbies and interests, humor, and things that I find interesting.

My website was developed using WordPress, and is hosted on an Apache web server. I use Adobe Photoshop and Artisteer to design my graphics and layout, as well as a series of other special purpose applications.


More to Come:

I am currently working on creating a history of OBrienPC.net, from the first website on up to present day.











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