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Humor: Baby names

A lady pregnant with twins gets into a bad car accident. She wakes up to discover that she is in a  hospital. Panicking, she buzzes for the nurse, who comes running to assist her. The nurse tell her that she is going to be OK, and that she had been in a car accident.

The lady, still panicking, demands to know if her babies are OK. the nurse tells her that they are fine, and that she had a boy and a girl. Relieved, the new mother realizes that she hasn’t named her babies yet. The nurse tells her not to worry, her brother came in and named the babies for her. The new mother cried out “My brother? Oh no! He’s an idiot! What did he name my babies?”

The nurse said, “Well, he named the girl Denise”. the new mother thought that was a pretty name. And then she asked what her brother had named the boy. The nurse replied “he named the boy Danephew”


Special Thanks to Paul B, Redmond, WA. for this joke



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