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Humor: Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job!

I made this sign for a friend who gets frustrated when people try to tell him how to do his job. He grins and bears it for the benefit of the customer, but in his thoughts, it’s a different story.

Don't Tell Me How To Do My Job!

You are welcome to download my “Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job” sign, and print it, as long as you leave my copyright intact. I made this a bit larger so that it could be printed cleanly on standard 8.5 by 11 paper or something a little larger. My recommendation for anyone wanting to print this sign on a typical printer:

  1. Save the “Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job” sign to your computer. Download Here (Right-Click, Save As)
  2. Open your document editor (MS Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc) and set the page orientation to Landscape.
  3. Insert the “Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job” graphic, and position and size it to your preference.
  4. Print, Post, and Enjoy!

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