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Humor: Hunting Bear

John went out hunting bear. After a few hours in the woods, he spotted a huge bear, took aim, fired, and missed. The bear became quite angry, and chased John down and knocked him to the ground. the bear destroyed John’s rifle, and then violated John in a sexual way.

Furious, John vowed to get that bear, even if it was the last thing he ever did. John bought a more powerful rifle and went back to the woods to find the bear. When John found the bear, he took aim and fired his rifle, and again, he missed.

The bear came after John with a vengeance and destroyed his rifle and violated him again. John was beside himself with rage and determination to kill that bear. He bought the biggest and most powerful rifle and scope he could find and went back after that bear. When he found the bear, he took careful aim, and fired, BOOM!, and missed the bear again.

Once again, the bear came after John and knocked him to the ground and destroyed his rifle. Just as John was expecting to be violated again, the bear spoke in his ear,  and said, “you know, I don’t think you are really in this for the hunt, are you?”

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