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International Women’s Day 2013

International Women's Day 2013

Today is International Women’s day, and I salute all of the women around the world who fought for equality for women. It has been a long road for women, who until the early 1900’s weren’t even considered real citizens in the United States. Women were treated more like property than like human beings. Women couldn’t vote, few could own property or business, and they were discouraged from seeking a higher education and encouraged to be housewives or work in roles of servitude. It’s been a long and difficult struggle towards equal rights in this man’s world, but women proved to be a lot tougher than men gave them credit for.


Today, although there are still inequalities to be corrected, women and men work side-by-side, live side-by-side, and even fight side-by-side. They are managers,  business executives and industry leaders, and they are law makers and law enforcers. Women have proven themselves worthy and equal to the same expectations and privileges of their male counterparts. So to women everywhere in the world, I salute you for your strength and determination and your courage. I congratulate you for your achievements. And I encourage you to keep fighting until the day comes when men and woman around the world are truly equal. That will be a great day indeed, and I sincerely hope that I am alive to see it.


More Information about International Woman’s Day can be found on the official International Women’s Day website. The site provides a wealth of information on the history of International Women’s Day, along with current events, and ways to get involved and support the cause for equality. I encourage you to check it out and get involved!



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