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Karaoke Night at Love’s Landing in Renton, WA.

I am not a big fan of karaoke, and I wouldn’t dare subject innocent people to my singing voice, which I am sure would fall under  Homeland Security’s jurisdiction definition of terrorist crime. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that at least a couple of my friends sing and carry a tune. I won’t post their names here without their consent, but if you want to see these talented gentlemen live, along with many other “talented” folks, check out Love’s Landing on Airport Way in Renton, Washington. I  think karaoke nights are Thursday nights.



Love’s Landing

Love’s Landing, formally Bergie’s,  is one of Renton’s most loved bars in Renton Washington. It’s a place where people can go and have a good time and feel safe. The local patrons are good solid salt-of-the-earth folks  that give Love’s Landing a “Cheers” atmosphere. Love’s Landing is a little run down, but it’s comfortable and we like to call it home. Obviously, Love’s Landing is known for its karaoke nights. But it is also known for live music, good food, and great steak cook-outs during the summer. Love’s Landing also has a full line of beers, wines, and spirits. This is a very popular place on the weekends, always drawing a full house. Recently, Love’s Landing has added free WiFi service, and fresh jukebox music to satisfy any crowd.


205 Airport Way, Renton, WA

(425) 271-8566

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What people are saying about Love’s Landing:

“I came here for breakfast one morning and I thought their food was pretty good. What surprised me was that they have two separate food menus to choose from. One menu had American style food on it with things like hamburgers, waffles and omelets on it and the other menu had Asian food on it. From what I’ve read elsewhere on the internet the big thing to do at Love’s Landing that gets customers coming to this place is their Karaoke nights that they put on and the name of the place was once Bergie’s Bar And Grill.” Source

“This is a dive bar with a heart.  No drama. Many locals call this place part of their family.  As an out of town person I felt welcome.  The place is safe and the karaoke is awesome.  Make friends with some good local folks that like to sing.”  Source

“Bergie’s is a family-owned bar with great food & entertainment. They have Monday night football, Tuesday Steak Night as well …” Source



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