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A little StarLight Photography

With all the hopes of seeing the aurora borealis over Renton last night, I thought I would try my luck at a little starlight photography, so to speak. Taking pictures at night can be tricky, especially when you are trying to take pictures of astronomical events. Unfortunately, the aurora borealis never appeared. Probably because of the light pollution coming from Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton, and maybe a bright and almost full moon had something to do with it. But the night was not a total loss, because I started to figure out how to use my DSLR camera to shoot the stars.

I shot these photos with a Sony Alpha DSLR with a 35-70 mm 1:4 lens. Not the best lens for the job, but hey, I’m learning. I shot at ISO 800 and an open shutter. I have filtered out the image noise and adjusted the exposure a bit with Adobe Lightroom, and I am pretty happy with the results.

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