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Merry Super Bowl Everyone!

I woke up this morning, and it felt like Christmas morning when I was a young kid. So full of excitement and anticipation. I have waited most of my life to see the Seattle Seahawks win the Super bowl. We got very close once, but we are going to take the Super Bowl home this year!The only sad part of all this, is that my Grandparents aren’t here to see their beloved Seahawks in their finest moment. My Grandparents were the biggest and most loyal Seahawks fans I have ever known. Today, I am going to watch the Super Bowl for them, and reflect upon them with each touchdown.

It’s a great day for Seattle, the 12th man, and for the Seahawks. The team has put their heart and soul into becoming the best football team in the league, and so has the 12th man in supporting and encouraging our Hawks. And we cannot forget about our amazing SeaGals and Blitz, our mascot, and all the supporting staff that helped make today possible. And the best of luck to Denver. You guys play a great game, but I really think we are going to take this one. Better luck next time guys!

 Every Seattle Seahawks Regular Season Touchdown From 2013

For all my fellow Hawk-Geeks and Math Nerds out there:

Translation: Go Hawks (Full size is 12oo by 709 pixels, suitable for print or desktop)


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