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Microsoft Outlook 2010 – Accidently Deleted Distribution List

It seems that accidentally deleting a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a fairly common issue. The problem is that the Delete Group button is right next to the Save & Close button in the Contact Group pane. Fortunately, recovering a deleted distribution list is fairly easy.

Depending on whether you are using Outlook as a stand-alone e-mail client or using Outlook in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server, the process to recover accidentally deleted distribution lists is as follows:


Recovering a distribution List

  1. In the Navigation pane, click Deleted Items
  2. Find the distribution list that was accidentally deleted, and drag it to the Contact button at the of the Navigation pane.

Recover a distribution list once the Deleted Items folder has been emptied

 Note:   Your Exchange administrator specifies the retention time for items that are deleted permanently on the server running Exchange. After this time elapses, you cannot recover the deleted items.

If you use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2000 account, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides a way to recover items after you delete them permanently, even after you empty the Deleted Items folder.

  1. In the Deleted Items folder, click Recover Deleted Items on the Tools menu.
  2. Locate the distribution list and then click Recover Selected Items.
  3. In the main message list, drag the distribution list to the Contacts button at the bottom of the Navigation Pane.

Note: You must use an Exchange account for this command to appear. If you use an Exchange account and do not see the command, contact your Exchange administrator.

  • This procedure adds the distribution list to your main (default) Contacts folder.
  • Your distribution list might be listed according to the date that it was created; in that case, scroll through the deleted items.

Source: Microsoft.com

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