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Net Neutrality goes into affect November 20, 2011

fcc_logoThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  has published its net neutrality rules with the Federal Register, preventing Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) from deliberately throttling network traffic based on based on applications or services being accessed. Verizon and Metro PCS sued to stop net neutrality from going into effect, but both lost in court.

The Republicans in Congress are also outspoken critics against net neutrality, and may attempt to appeal the FCC regulations. The laws do little more than mandate what was already considered the status quo. Most consumers already assume that they will be getting the same internet connection regardless of what site they are visiting or what application they are using.

For the consumer, net neutrality is a good thing. It means ISP’s cannot block or hinder access to websites or Internet services , even if the services directly compete with services offered by the ISP’s. For example, companies like Comcast offer streaming movies and other media to their customers, yet many customers prefer to use Netflix or Hulu.  Net neutrality rules also force ISP’s to be transparent in their practices, and it lets consumers use the Internet the way they want to.

For a full read of the Net Neutrality policy:  www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-09-23/html/2011-24259.htm


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