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Humor: No Drama Warning Sign


No time or tolerance for other people’s drama? Well, this sign is for you! This print-ready sign will let friends and co-workers know to take their drama somewhere else, or maybe just to leave it at home. This No Drama sign is printable in standard 8.5 by 11 paper.


Click here for a Printable PDF version (Requires Adobe Reader or equivalent)


On a Serious Note:

The workplace is no place for drama, personal or otherwise. Drama creates a hostile work environment and hampers productivity. If drama is fluent in your work environment, check out these resources below. They may provide you and your workmates with a solution to reduce drama in the workplace.

Leadershipnow.com – “Gossip. Power struggles. Poor team coordination. These are all symptoms of workplace drama. They’re the obstacles that can drain your company of its best talent, get in the way of true productivity and profit, and eat away at the effectiveness of your organization—that is, unless a leader steps up and takes responsibility for changing course.  Communications consultant and national speaker Marlene Chism has created an eight-step methodology that breaks through negative thinking that can contribute to drama in organizations of every kind and size. She has identified the gaps that drama creates—a gap between where your company is and where it aims to be and the psychological gap that occurs when people are faced with change and the fear that goes with it.”

Stop Workplace Drama – This book is available at Amazon. Stop Workplace Drama offers down-to-earth, practical methods to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and private practice professionals maximize success, increase productivity, and improve teamwork and personal performance. Identify “drama” barriers and help your employees break free to experience higher personal effectiveness and increased productivity
Each of the eight points is full of universal and practical principles any business leader, sales director or entrepreneur can put to use immediately. Author Marlene Chism has shared her signature process with organizations such as McDonalds and NASA. When you’re in the thick of business competition, you and your team need to function freely without internal conflicts, confusions, or rivalries. Stop Workplace Drama ensures that your employees will be able to give their best to create a healthy, profitable workplace.

7 Ways to Stop Workplace Drama – “Negativity is the number one productivity problem in the workplace. Signs of negativity include backstabbing, gossiping, power struggles and lack of teamwork. The end result is absenteeism, low morale and turnover.  Here are seven tips for improving workplace relationships and reducing negativity.”



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