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The Occupy movement in America is a “no win”

The Occupy movement in America is a “no win”. And that is really too bad because the core message of the Occupy movement is something that I personally agree with. Corporate America has become too greedy too powerful, and it is very unfair that we as common Americans have to carry the burden of taxes while they pay so little.

The Ineffectiveness of the Occupy Movement

The problem with the Occupy movement is that the 1% that the Occupy movement is so angry at couldn’t care less about the movement.  The Occupy movement is nothing more than an irritating gnat that merely needs to be swatted.

What the Occupy movement doesn’t seem to grasp is that Corporate America owns the politicians that make the laws and controls the law enforcement.  We gather and protest and make noise, the politicians send in the cops to mace and arrest us. Our politicians aren’t saying or doing anything against Corporate America, because you never bite the hand that feeds you. We may get to vote for the politicians, but Corporate America decides who we are voting for and what they do once they are elected.

We bitch, moan and groan, and what do we get for it? We get a little attention in the media, and we get knocked around, kicked out, maced, and arrested.  Has it made any difference at all to Corporate America? Not a bit. Has it made any of our political leaders stop and say “you know? They’re right! We need to put a stop to Corporate America’s greed and government control” no it has not. Has anyone stepped forward and vowed to start paying their fair share in taxes and stop being so damn greedy? Nope, not one person has stepped forward.

Corporate America is so far removed from the common people; they cannot hear the complaints and they are not even hindered by the crowds of protesters.   Essentially, the Occupy movement has no effect on the comings and goings of Corporate America at all. It’s business as usual for them.

The Reality Check

The fact is, Christmas is coming a little earlier this year than it did last year.  Why give Thanksgiving it’s due when Christmas is the real money-maker? The price of gas is rising again, just in time for the holidays. Fannie Mae even has their hand out again, looking for another big government payout of taxpayer dollars. It seems to me that Corporate America is doing just fine and having a great time.  That mighty 1% is sleeping soundly these days knowing that everything in their world is just dandy.  The fact is, the Occupy movement is having absolutely no effect what so ever on Corporate America.

The problem with the Occupy movement as  I see it is that their strategy is all wrong.  They did good to protest and draw attention to the issue. But that effectiveness has passed and they need to focus on a strategy that will actually affect the great giant.

Time to Change Strategies

Did nobody see the lesson when thousands of consumers began  transferring their money from the large banks to the local credit unions?  Did nobody note how fast those behemoth banks did an about-face  and start dropping fees when they realized that they were suddenly losing a lot of money? Hello?  Was anybody paying attention?  If you want to get the giant’s attention, hit him where it hurts!

Protests are nothing to Corporate America, money and power is everything.  If you really want to fight Corporate America, you have to hit them where it hurts. Take away their money or their power, and you get their attention, plain and simple. The hard part is convincing the common wealth to go along with that simple plan.

Taking away Corporate America’s money might be a little more challenging than most Americans are prepared for. It would require boycotts and refrain from making absolutely unnecessary purchases. We Americans are spoiled, and not so eager to give up or simple luxuries. However, we Americans are also very opinionated, determined, and we are historically proven fighters for the cause. If we can’t bring the giant down by attacking its money, we can attack its foundation. Without its control and influence over our government and politicians, the giant suddenly has no teeth.

As I see it, our system is truly corrupt, and civil disobedience is justified. But if the Occupy movement is going to have any real effect, they need to rethink their strategy and refocus their energy where it is going to do the best good. Marching through the city streets protesting the unfairness of our system is having no positive effect what so ever.

Instead of wasting time and resources protesting in the streets, where the only people who are truly affected are the common wealth people who are hindered from getting to their jobs so they can provide for themselves and their families, and who are being burdened with the costs of ineffective protests and the cleanup thereof, put the protest directly in front of our politicians. Take the thousands of protesters off the city streets and move them to the state capitals. Start creating campaigned the likes of which the politicians cannot ignore, and let them know that under no uncertain terms are we going to back down. The politicians cannot hide like the 1% can. They are in the public eye all the time. Make them accountable!

Further Reading

If you are interested in learning how to effectively protest, I suggest that you read Civil disobedience by Henry David.

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