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Using Event Viewer Logs To Troubleshoot Issues


When troubleshooting issues with Windows-based computers, the Event Viewer is a great place to start. The Event Viewer tracks information about applications, security, and system events. This information is stored in log files that can be accessed in the Event Viewer. The Event Viewer is built into current Windows Operating Systems.

Not only will the Event Viewer tell you is a process or any component of the computer is causing an error, it will provide you with a log of that error that can be used to resolve issues. The Event viewer will also track other events such as… Continue reading

Create a Windows 8.1 USB Recovery Drive



A USB recovery drive one of a number of option for recovering from system problems with Windows 8.1.  The advantage of having a USB recovery drive is  that you can use it to recover your system even if Windows 8.1 will not boot. Microsoft has included a tool to create a USB recovery drive, built into Windows 8.1.  Before we get into creating and using a USB recovery drive, there are a few things you need to be aware of:


  1. You need to have at least an 8GB USB flash drive
  2. The recovery drive tool… Continue reading

This is my home. It is precious to me

While I am not an environmental extremist, I do believe that we must take responsibility for the damage we are causing our planet. We have to change our way of thinking and start pushing for change. Continue reading

Creating Restore Points in Windows 8

windodws8_logoAs with previous versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 8 includes a mechanism to create restore points.   Restore points are basically snapshots of the current state of the computer at the time a restore point was created. System Restore monitors the operating system for changes and creates restore points at regular daily intervals, usually when Windows 8 is loaded on any particular day. If your computer is not powered up when a restore point creation has been scheduled, Windows 8 will create the restore point when the computer is booted up. You can also create manual restore… Continue reading

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind

On July 20th, 1969, American Astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped down from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, and stepped onto the surface of the moon. It was indeed one small step for man, but it was a giant leap for mankind that would change the way we saw the Universe and our place in the Cosmos.  Suddenly, we were not confined to our planet Earth.  Until that moment, exploring the moon was only a fantasy, the stuff of science-fiction. The Apollo 11 mission to land a man on the moon and deliver him safely back to Earth, opened a… Continue reading

Using a Windows 7 System Repair Disk

windows7_logoIf your Windows 7 computer will not start, or crashes with fatal errors, you may need to run  a Windows 7 System Repair disk to restore Windows 7 back to normal operation.  The Windows 7 Repair Disk is designed to let you boot to Windows and provides diagnostics and repair options to help you get your computer back up and running.

Hopefully, you made a Repair Disk when you got your computer. If not, your options for repairing your installation of Windows 7 is going to be considerably limited and more complicated. If you don’t already have a… Continue reading

Creating and Using Recovery Disks in Windows 7

windows7_logoComputer manufactures used to provide a set of CD’s or DVD’s when you bought a computer. These disks contained an image of the computer as it was when it left the manufacture, and other software and drivers specific to your computer.  About 5 years ago, Computer manufactures decided to save money by not to provide recovery and installation CD’s with their new computers. Instead, they provided images that end-users can burn to DVD’s and create their own recovery and installation disks.

While this saves money for the manufactures, it creates a problem for many end-users,  who for what-ever… Continue reading

Set up a Windows restore point in Windows 7

windows7_logoA system restore point is basically a snapshot of the Windows operating system and programs and configurations at the time the restore point was created. The purpose of System Restore is to provide a way recovering from an error or failure on a Windows-based computer. This is especially useful if you have just experienced file corruption or installed or uninstalled something and now your computer is unstable.  As a preventive measure, you can also create a System Restore Point before you make any modifications to your computer, just in case something goes wrong.

Things you should know about System… Continue reading

Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc

windows7_logoHeaven forbid that it should ever happen that you turn your computer on and Windows 7 will not load because something has gone corrupt. It’s one of those worst nightmare moments when you have no idea if you are ever going to get to your data, or if it still exists at all.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost, if you happen to have a Windows 7 System Recovery DVD for your computer.  You simply put the DVD in the computer and boot to it. When the utility loads, it will guide you though running a few diagnostics, or… Continue reading

Trinity Knot

I just learned a new knot. This is variation on a Trinity knot.



A very cool play of light and shadow

I was on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond this week interviewing for a job, and I saw this design, actually, I am not sure what you call this style of art.  I have never seen anything quite like this, something that uses light and shadow and objects of different size or dimension to create a shadow sculpture.  What does it say to me? I see letters and numbers scattered on a wall, but in the mind of a human being, they make everything that defines us.



I would like to know who the artist is. If anyone knows, let me know! 😉

OBrienPC.net gets a new look!

I apologize for the confusion if you came to my website expecting to see the purple design (Purple Rain) that has graced my website for many months. I felt it was time for a new look, and created this design, which I call SandStone.  The only thing I have changed is my template, everything else remains the same. Part of the reason for the new look is that I am preparing to dramatically change my website content. But more on that in coming weeks.


James O’Brien

Decorative Knot-work on a Knife Grip

This knife is done with two Turks Head knots and a French Whipping.  The line I used is a tarred-soaked, twisted white nylon twine. The cool thing about this twine is that over time, the tar on the outer edges fades and gives it a great antique look. I like to use this line when making decorative mugs and steins too, although I prefer to use a thicker twine. Only one piece of twine was used on this knife handle.


The Turks Head knot is a little tricky to learn, but once you get the… Continue reading

Alki Point Pictures

When the weather is nice in Seattle, we tend to wake up from our winter slumber and spring out to do something outdoors. My thing is to load up my bike with my camera kit and head out to different areas and take pictures. There are so many cool places to take pictures in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, it would take years to cover them all. So I figure that as long as I live in the Seattle area, I’ll never be bored. Weather permitting.

This weekend, I headed out to Alki Point, over by West Seattle. It’s a… Continue reading

My First Selfie Wallpaper

When I was a kid, Charlie Brown was someone I related to very well, and he and the rest of the Peanuts gang became one of my most favorite comic characters.  I did not do the original 3-D rendering on this version of Charlie Brown; I don’t know who did, but I would like to give them due credit for their work. I “borrowed” the graphic and changed it with my facial features, and made this image with one of Charlie Brown’s original quotes.



In Memory of the Greatest Seahawk Fans I Have Ever Known

My Grandparents are the most loyal Seahawk fans I have ever known. Through the good times and the bad times, their pride in the Seahawks never wavered. In fact, in true 12th man spirit, the worse things got, the louder they got. Sadly, they both passed away before ever seeing the Seahawks win a Super Bowl Championship. So, on behalf of my Grandparents, I am going to watch the Super Bowl for them. And I hope, in some way, that they know it, and they get to see their favorite team win the Super Bowl.




Merry Super Bowl Everyone!

I woke up this morning, and it felt like Christmas morning when I was a young kid. So full of excitement and anticipation. I have waited most of my life to see the Seattle Seahawks win the Super bowl. We got very close once, but we are going to take the Super Bowl home this year!The only sad part of all this, is that my Grandparents aren’t here to see their beloved Seahawks in their finest moment. My Grandparents were the biggest and most loyal Seahawks fans I have ever known. Today, I am going to watch the Super Bowl… Continue reading

Seahawks take the NFC! Next stop, Super Bowl!

Last night’s game, wow! Was that amazing, or what? Hands down, the best Seahawks game I have ever watched. What a great feeling to watch the Seahawks prove once again that we are ready to take on the Supper Bowl championship. Let’s be honest, it’s been a long road for the Seahawks. Getting close, but never close enough. And then finally, we made it to the Super Bowl in 2005. It was a great game against the Steelers, but we lost to the ref’s. What can I say? We’re Back!!! And we’re going to the Super Bowl 2014, and we are going for the championship!

We're going to the Super Bowl!



Greatest Vacation Ever!

Take one man coming up on his 48th birthday, add a ten-day vacation, and a mountain bike and the Pacific ocean, and what do you get?  498 miles of the greatest vacation ever!  It took almost a year of planning and training , and a few trial runs to work out the bugs,  but it was so worth it!


My trip started out in Renton Washington, and took me through places like  Centralia,   South Bend and Long Beach Washington, to Astoria Oregon  and then finally Seaside Oregon. And then back all the way to… Continue reading

Set Defer Delivery in Outlook 2007 and 2010

Have you ever sent an e-mail that you wished you hadn’t sent?  It happens quite often, and it recently happened to me. I intended to reply to just one person on a distribution list, but accidently replied to everyone on the list, which is everyone that works in my office. How embarrassing! Since we use Outlook 2010 on an Exchange server, I was at least able to try and recall the message. But that only works if the message hasn’t been opened or previewed.  Once the message has been viewed, there is no turning back. In… Continue reading

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