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Recommended Website: Send Private Info That Self-Destructs

From time to time, I find it necessary to send sensitive information such as passwords to clients via e-mail. The problem with sending sensitive information through e-mail is most of the time, the recipient is not set up to handle encrypted e-mail. Fortunately, there is an easy solution that lets you send private info that self-destructs after the recipient accesses the information.

Simple To Use – Click the blue button. Paste something private. We’ll encrypt it and give you a unique URL that you can share

Encrypted – Your data is encrypted from you to us, and stored encrypted. We couldn’t even tell you what it is — even if you asked.

One Time Only – Once someone visits your private URL you provide them, the information is unlocked and the message is deleted into the digital ether.

Check it out at Oneshar.es



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