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Running Internet Explorer 6 dependent business applications in windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8 or 9

A big security issue that many businesses are forced to live with is having to use Internet Explorer 6.0 in order to run their business applications. The problem of course, is that Internet Explorer 6.0 has huge security issues. Unless the companies that write the browser-based business applications update their code to support current and more secure versions of Internet Explorer, businesses that have to use these applications either have to live with these major security risks, or they have to try and beef up their firewalls and network security to make up for the security flaws on Internet Explorer 6.0.

A solution just became available that touts the ability to use Internet Explorer 6.0 dependent applications in Windows 7 and current versions of Internet Explorer without having to modify any code or settings.  It’s called UniBrows,  and it allows full IE6 functionality and behavior including layout, ActiveX controls, and JavaScript, including legacy controls, to run side-by-side with current versions of Internet Explorer.  UniBrows is offered by the Browsium company

Now, I haven’t tried this out for myself,  but if you’d like to check it out as a possibility for your company, I have the link here: www.browsium.com/unibrows

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