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Score Ten Free E-Books from Microsoft Press

Microsoft Press is giving away ten free e-books on SQL Server 2008 and 2012, MS Office 365 and 2010, Deploying Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, Programming Windows Phone 7, and Virtualization Solutions. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Introducing Microsoft Server 2012   (Download in PDF Format – 288 pages; 10.8 MB)  The final and complete version of Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012, by Ross Mistry  and Stacia Misner. 10 Chapters covering Introduction, Disaster-Recovery Enhancements, SQL Server 2012 Editions and Engine Enhancements, Data Administration, Performance and Scalability, , Security Enhancements, Programmability and Beyond-Relational Enhancements,  Integration Services,  Data Quality Services,  Master Data Services, Analysis Services and PowerPivot, and Reporting Services.



Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2  (Download in PDF Format (216 pages; 7.74 MB) or XPS Format) Ten Chapters covering SQL Server 2008 R2 Editions and Enhancement, Multi-Server Administration, Data-Tier Applications, High Availability and Virtualization Enhancements, Consolidation and Monitoring, Business Intelligence Development, Scalable Data Warehousing, Master Data Services, Complex Event Processing with StreamInsight, Reporting Services Enhancements, and Self-Service Analysis with PowerPivot.




Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2 (Download in PDF Format (11 MB) or XPS Format (28 MB)) – Nine chapters covering What’s New in Windows Server R2, Installation and Configuration: Adding R2 to Your World, Hyper-V: Scaling and Migrating Virtual Machines, Remote Desktop Services and VDI: Centralizing Desktop and Application Management, Active Directory: Improving and Automating Identity and Access, The File Services Role, IIS 7.5: Improving the Web Application Platform, DirectAccess and Network Policy Server, and other Features and Enhancements.




Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions – Second Edition (Download in PDF Format (10.5 MB) or XPS Format (27.2 MB)) Six chapters covering Why Virtualization, Server Virtualization, Local Desktop Virtualization, Remote Desktop Virtualization, Virtualization Management, and Cloud Computing.





Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime (Download in PDF Format (21 MB) .ePub Format (21.7 MB) or .mobi Format (8.1 MB))   13 Chapters including Introduction to Cloud Computing, Introduction to Office 365,  Collaborating in the Cloud, Versions of Office 365, and Working  Across Multiple Devices.





First Look Microsoft Office 2010 (Download in PDF Format (10.5 MB) or XPS Format (28 MB)) 14 Chapters covering Introduction to Office 2010, Collaborating with other Office users, Creating and Sharing Documents, Using  Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint Workspace, Publisher, and Access. Part Three includes Security and Training, and Putting it all Together.





Security and Privacy for Microsoft Office Users (Download in PDF Format (7.2 MB) or .mobi Format (3.6 MB)  or ePub Format (8.9 MB)) Four Chapters covering end-user security considerations and responsibilities, working with protected documents, understanding document properties, encrypting documents and restricting editing.





Deploying Windows 7, Essential Guidance (Download in PDF Format (6.5 MB)) Twelve Chapters covering Deployment Platform, Planning Deployment, Testing Application Compatibility, Developing Disk Images, Migrating User State Data, Deploying Applications, Preparing Windows PE, Configuring Windows Deployment Services, Using Volume Activation, Deploying with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, plus six articles from Technet Magazine: Migrate Already! Why You Should Migrate to Windows 7 If You’re Still Waffling, 8 Common Issues in Windows 7 Migrations, 9 Things You Should Know About Windows 7, Can’t We All Just Get Along? Running Windows 7 in Mixed Environments, Integrating Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2, and The Good Computing Seal of Approval: Windows 7 Certification.


Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Download in PDF Format (18.2 MB)) This book is divided into three sections covering migrating from Visual Studio 2003, 2005, and 2008, consecutively. Each section covers business logic and data, designing look and feel, debugging applications, and deployment.





Programming Windows Phone 7 (Download in PDF Format (38.6 MB) Twenty-four chapters covering the Windows Phone 7, an Introduction to Touch, Sensors and Services, Issues in Application Architecture, Silverlight, XAML Power and Limitations, Elements and Properties, The Intricacies of Layout, the Apps Bar and Controls, Dependency Properties and Data Binding, Graphics and animations, and many more topics. About a thousands pages!




Source: I have linked the free eBooks from Microsoft Press on this one page for your convenience. If you would like more detailed information on these books, and don’t mind clicking through a few pages for some of them, please check out the Microsoft Press entry page for these books at blogs.msdn.com



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