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Seahawks vs 49ers October 22 2015

As football fans in Seattle, there are a few teams that we just love to play. One of those teams are the San Fransisco 49er’s.  Whether the 49er’s come to Seattle, or the Seahawks go to San Fransisco, we like to roll out the red carpet and let the 49er’s know that we 12’s love and respect the 49er’s dearly. And to show how much we love the 49er’s, I made a few graphics to share with the world. Feel free to save and share.



The Batman bitch-slap GIF has been around for a long time. But it appears that even Batman is no fan of Kaepernick, according to rumor anyway ….



Usung the same theme, we now have Richard Sherman warming up for the game against the 49er’s with Kaepernick. See how nice they play together?



Well, That’s all folks. Enjoy! And GO HAWKS!!!!

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