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Humor: Spoofed Holiday Music

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This post is intended for those lovable twisted souls that have a tendency to take the holidays with an odd sense of humor. These are the souls that add spice and color to life, even when it is not quite appropriate. I like to call them Kindred Spirits, you can call them what you want.

Anyway, I put together a song list of funny, and potentially inappropriate Christmas holiday music to add a little life to traditional Christmas get-togethers.  This list is only posted for one day a year, so enjoy it while it lasts. Be warned, lyrics and language may not be appropriate for age groups.



The Tunes

  1. Carol Of The Bartenders
  2. The Buttcracker Suite
  3. Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire
  4. Dirty Sleigh Bells
  5. Ho Ho F**king Ho
  6. I Saw Mammy Blow Santa Claus
  7. Police Stop My Car
  8. Rudolph The Deepthroat Reindeer
  9. Santa Claus Is Fooling Around
  10. Merry F**king Christmas (South Park, Mr Garrison)
  11. The Restroom door Said Gentlemen
  12. Walking Around In Women’s  Underwear
  13. We Wish you Weren’t Living With Us
  14. White Trash Christmas
  15. Who Put The dick On The Snowman
  16. B-b-b-blue Christmas
  17. The Christmas Party Song
  18. I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas
  19. Be Claus I Got High



More Spoofed Holiday Music!

If spoofed holiday music is how you want to bring in the holiday cheer, head over to Amazon’s digital music collection for more Great Twisted Holiday music. Everything on this list is available there, and much more. The cool thing about Amazon’s digital music is there is no Digital Rights Management(DRM) to prevent you from playing music on any device that supports MP3 formats. Well, that and the music quality is great and the prices are very reasonable. you can buy the whole album or pick and choose individual songs. In most cases, the songs cost 99 cents each, some even lower, and you can preview them before you buy them. Amazon makes a great online shopping experience, so check them out  Amazon.com

 Happy Holidays!


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