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Streamwriter: Stream and Record Internet Radio

I have tried different programs that stream internet radio stations, and most of them work pretty well. Windows Media player works and sounds OK, but it’s not designed very well. Most users are confused when they try to find their favorite music and add it to their playback lists. WinAmp does a fine job, but is more configured for the more geeky and music buffs, people who understand bit-rates and stuff. And so on and so on.

One thing I have never seen in a music streaming program, specifically a free music streaming program, is the ability to record the music streams and play them back in MP3 format. that is, until today.

Sreamwriter is one of the sites that I love to visit. Gizmo’s freeware, had a great post today about a brilliant Internet radio stream player/recorder/search. I saw this and I said “hold on! Let’s check this out” I read the write-up about a program called Streamwriter, which has a nice genre categorized list of stations to play in the built-in radio player, but what really caught my interest was the ability to record the streaming music in MP3 format. That, and StreamWriter has a Windows installable version and a portable apps version.

Streamwriter can be downloaded at streamwriter.org/en

At work, I am not allowed to install programs without Admin consent. So I downloaded a copy of Streamwriter onto my USB thumb drive. It runs beautifully from my thumb drive on my work computer. that alone made Streamwriter worthwhile to me. Then I discovered how easy it was record the stream into MP3 format and play it back through Windows Media Player and of course, Streamwriter. I haven’t tried yet, but I don’t see any issues with the MP3’s playing on any compatible device or software.

Another fascinating feature that I haven’t tried yet, but I am definitely going to test at home, is the ability to search for a song and add it to a wish list. If the song is played in any of the hundreds of radio stations in Streamwriter’s database, Streamwriter will record it and store it in my music file. How awesome is that?

The interface isn’t as glamorous as skinned media players, but then, the features are far more useful than most players.

I know. the big question is whether or not it is legal to record streaming radio music. Well, truthfully, at the moment there is no law prohibiting recording streaming audio music. It’s the same as recording music from your local radio stations. Of course, this only applies to recording for PERSONAL USE ONLY! This may change in the future, if they ever figure out how to prevent recording over-the-air radio music.

To quote Wikipedia.org: Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_music_ripping

“The doctrine of fair use should make it legal to record songs from the radio for private use.[original research?] Traditionally, the recording industry expressed little or no concern with individuals who recorded music from the radio on a cassette recorder. However, the digital format in this case changes the whole issue since it does not degrade over time and can be easily copied.

That PopCatcher has developed a technology that automatically removes commercials may lead to a legal case similar to ReplayTV’s and SonicBlue’s. In 2001 these DVR manufacturers had issued a Digital Video Recorder equipped with a Commercial Advance feature enabling the automatic removing of commercials from recorded programming. They were sued by 28 companies of the Entertainment Industry in the USA until they ran out of money to pay the expensive litigation. In 2003, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The case itself has never been judged.

The Audio Home Recording Act also lays out certain legal rights on the part of consumers.”

Streamwriter contains no adware and is completely free to download and use. If you like it, you might consider making a small donation to support their efforts. You can do so on their website.


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