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In the News: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Information Act (CISPA)

CISPA BannerIn light of recent network attacks and the rise in cyber espionage and hacking attacks, CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, will be reintroduced next week in the House of Representatives. You may recall that CISPA was introduced to the House last year, but was quickly abandoned in part over serious privacy concerns. The Obama Administration promised to veto the bill at the time, arguing that it did not provide clear legal privacy protections to citizens and lacked independent oversight, which would undermine the public’s trust in the government.

But the nail that sealed the… Continue reading

Seattle Businesses hacked because of inadequate protection

 Network SecurityRecently, the wireless networks of  53 Seattle businesses were infiltrated by three hackers using a variety of methods ranging from techniques like wardriving ( actually going around scouting out wireless networks with weak security) to physically breaking into some of the businesses and stealing computer equipment and using it to gain access into the networks and collect data. Most of these businesses have one thing in common that made them attractive targets for these thieves, inadequate security in their network and infrastructure.

The thieves hacked e-mail servers and other equipment, and used it to infiltrate deeper into the… Continue reading

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