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Using BitLocker Drive Encryption

This article talks about Microsoft’s BitLocker Drive Encryption tool that comes with the Business or Professional versions of Microsoft Windows and Windows Server, and how to use BitLocker Drive Encryption to encrypt your hard drives and portable storage devices. Continue reading

Use Password Savvy to make hard-to-hack passwords that are easy to remember

These days, in order to have strong password protection, you have to mix capital letters with lower-case letters, throw in a handful of random numbers, and sprinkle some punctuation around. I typically sit down with a piece of paper and write down a few random words, but words that I will remember, and then make some modifications and substitutions, until I have a strong password.

It’s easy enough, just write down some words, or even a phrase: “My name is James O’Brien

Then string them together: mynameisjameso’brien

From here, I like to substitute some letters for numbers. A… Continue reading

Seattle Businesses hacked because of inadequate protection

 Network SecurityRecently, the wireless networks of  53 Seattle businesses were infiltrated by three hackers using a variety of methods ranging from techniques like wardriving ( actually going around scouting out wireless networks with weak security) to physically breaking into some of the businesses and stealing computer equipment and using it to gain access into the networks and collect data. Most of these businesses have one thing in common that made them attractive targets for these thieves, inadequate security in their network and infrastructure.

The thieves hacked e-mail servers and other equipment, and used it to infiltrate deeper into the… Continue reading

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