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Windows 7

Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7

This article is intended to guide you through a successful Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade and migration. In writing this guide, I am assuming that your XP machine is a typical configuration, and that you are installing Windows 7 on the same machine. Continue reading

Windows 7 System Support Tools

Windows 7 comes with collection of very useful diagnostic and maintenance and recovery tools to help you maintain your computer and troubleshoot and resolve issues. This article is intended to provide a quick description of these tools, and how to access these tools. Continue reading

Windows 7: Backup and Restore

How to use Windows 7 Backup and Restore Center to create and manage backups and recover from data or system loss. Continue reading

Using Windows Search


Most people use only the most basic functions of the Windows Search tool and wind up spending considerable time scrolling through screens  of search results trying to find the specific file they are looking for.  But the Windows Search tool is actually more powerful than that, and if used properly, can help you quickly find exactly what you are looking for . This article is intended to introduce some of the many search tools built into the Windows operating system, and how to use them more effectively.

A Brief History Of Windows Search

The Windows search tool… Continue reading

Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in the Device Manager

The Windows Device Manager, as the name indicates, is where you manage hardware devices and drivers for Windows-based computers. If Windows cannot identify an installed piece of hardware or cannot locate a driver for it, the device will be listed as an Unknown Device. Unknown devices are listed under Other Devices in the Device Manager, and marked with an icon that has an exclamation mark on a yellow circle.


Opening the windows Device Manager:

The Windows Device Manager can be accessed in several different ways.

Windows 7:

Creating and Using Recovery Disks in Windows 7

windows7_logoComputer manufactures used to provide a set of CD’s or DVD’s when you bought a computer. These disks contained an image of the computer as it was when it left the manufacture, and other software and drivers specific to your computer.  About 5 years ago, Computer manufactures decided to save money by not to provide recovery and installation CD’s with their new computers. Instead, they provided images that end-users can burn to DVD’s and create their own recovery and installation disks.

While this saves money for the manufactures, it creates a problem for many end-users,  who for what-ever… Continue reading

Set up a Windows restore point in Windows 7

windows7_logoA system restore point is basically a snapshot of the Windows operating system and programs and configurations at the time the restore point was created. The purpose of System Restore is to provide a way recovering from an error or failure on a Windows-based computer. This is especially useful if you have just experienced file corruption or installed or uninstalled something and now your computer is unstable.  As a preventive measure, you can also create a System Restore Point before you make any modifications to your computer, just in case something goes wrong.

Things you should know about System… Continue reading

Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc

windows7_logoHeaven forbid that it should ever happen that you turn your computer on and Windows 7 will not load because something has gone corrupt. It’s one of those worst nightmare moments when you have no idea if you are ever going to get to your data, or if it still exists at all.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost, if you happen to have a Windows 7 System Recovery DVD for your computer.  You simply put the DVD in the computer and boot to it. When the utility loads, it will guide you though running a few diagnostics, or… Continue reading

Download a Windows 7 ISO

windows7_logoMost computer manufactures these days do not ship a Windows 7 DVD with their computers. Instead, they supply an ISO image of the Windows 7 operating system, and leave it to the customer to burn the Windows 7 ISO to a DVD.  It makes sense from a manufacturing perspective  because shipping DVD’s with each computer costs money, but not so much from the average end-user perspective because most end-users are unclear why it is important to burn the Windows 7 ISO to  a DVD, or how to burn an image to DVD, or just don’t think about… Continue reading

Creating a System Repair CD in Windows 7

windows7_logoIf there is one thing that holds true for all operating systems, across all platforms, at some point in time, they crash.  Sadly, Windows is prone to crashing. Well, that’s more true for older versions of Windows than for newer versions. I’m using Windows 7 and I am really liking it. So far, it has not crashed on me. But being who I am, and in my profession, it’s only a matter of time. Fortunately, Windows 7, like Windows XP, has built-in tools to recover from disasters like the famous Blue Screen of Death, (Does that exist in Windows… Continue reading

Using the Clear Type Tuner in Windows

If you notice that the font on your monitor isn't exactly smooth or clear and easy to read on your laptop or LCD monitor, you can adjust the clarity of the font by using the Windows Clear Type Tuner.

Continue reading

Unfreeze programs in Windows 7

In previous versions of Microsoft Windows, when a program locked up, there was nothing you could do except the three-finger-salute (CTRL+ALT+DELETE), and hopefully terminate the offending program. That meant losing any unsaved data that you were working on. Worst case scenario was that you would have to restart Windows. With Windows 7, a new utility has been that added that may help users unfreeze a program or restart it without losing data. The utility is called the Resource Monitor. Continue reading

Creating a Windows 7 Password Recovery disk

windows7_logoIt is nearly impossible to recover a lost Windows 7 password. If, for whatever reason, you have forgotten your windows 7 password, you are going to be in pretty big trouble. Without that password, you are not going to be able to log into your profile and access your files or data.

Fortunately, Windows 7 provides a simple tool to help you recover your password by way of a password reset disk. The catch is that you must create the password recovery disk BEFORE you need it.

Creating the Password Recovery disk

You can use a floppy disk, if your… Continue reading

Windows 7: Cannot Pin to Task Bar (Resolved!)

windows7_logoAwhile back I discovered that I could no longer pin programs to my task bar. I am always experimenting with new settings, so I assumed this issue was something I caused, but I couldn’t figure out what I did. Yesterday, I discovered that I was right.

The reason I could no longer pin programs to the task bar was because I changed the way shortcuts appeared on my desktop by removing the stupid little arrow from the icon. That is something I have never had a problem doing in Windows XP, so why would this be a problem in Windows… Continue reading

Adding the Run Command to the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Start Menu

Add the Run Command to the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Start Menu

Continue reading

Configure Windows 7 to sync with time Server

This will set Windows 7 up to synchronize the system clock with a selected Time Server. Continue reading

Windows 7: Defragmenting your hard drive

Disk Defragmenter provides you with various options and will also display when the last time the Disk Defragmenter was run and if it is scheduled to run again in the near future. We'll cover the scheduling options later in this article, but for right now, we will focus on analyzing and defragmenting a hard disk. Continue reading

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