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Thanks for the Memories, Mr. Jobs.

Today, the world lost a founding father in computer technology; a man who led the way for innovative technologies and changed the way millions of people communicated and shared ideas and information. Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple died today, but left us a legacy that will never be forgotten.

On behalf of computer users everywhere, Thank you Steve. Thank you for the Macintosh and the Apple, and the iPod and the iPhone, and the iPad. Thank you for your pioneering spirit and your brilliance and leadership in steering Apple up the river of Success. And thank you for your innovations and for opening our eyes to new ways to create and share and use information. I’m not a Mac guy, never been, but I salute you none the less. And I will remember you always as I pull out my iPod Classic and rock out on the way to work, and enjoy the classics while I am at work. We have all been affected in some good way by your work.

Thank you Steve Jobs. Job well done!


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