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They Lady 12’s Love Their Seahawks

As most of the world knows, the Seattle Seahawks have one of the most amazing fan-bases in NFL Football, known as the 12’s or the 12th man. But football isn’t just a man’s sport, at least not in Seattle. The Lady 12’s are a large portion of our fan-base and they are amazing. They go all out to show their love and support for the Seahawks, and they are a formidable force in the stands.

Yesterday, I thought I’d have a little fun, and I photoshopped a poster layout for the lady fans of Seattle Seahawks.  The concept “This Girl Loves Her Seahawks” wasn’t my conception, but it inspired me to make a poster to that fact, and present it on FaceBook for any of the Lady 12’s.  I wasn’t expecting a big response, thinking maybe five ladies would participate. Much to my surprise and enjoyment, I wound up spending most of the day fulfilling requests to take pictures the Lady 12’s sent me and incorporating them into the posters you see below.

With their permission, I am happy to present a sampling of some of the posters we made yesterday.

12140808_10153243223172055_4049727641330485854_n 12144822_10204134930448187_525056338659697900_n Melissa-seahawks ThisGirlLovesHerSeahawks-001 ThisGirlLovesHerSeahawks005 10294321_10153243622057055_7752957229907378447_n 10461419_10153243215462055_5677917624062973902_n 10550949_514288068736938_2956531191151942159_n 12096271_10153243122352055_5205794415831895783_n 12096414_10153242939777055_6053625768409466905_n12105713_10153243518202055_7077054728512902135_n
12105880_10153243364357055_2288560348850668859_n 12107232_10153243143922055_8053034308609545044_n 12108293_10153243259857055_4030307166148935280_n 12108998_10153243333517055_5326498557343094637_n 12112324_10200832229766069_2514212375945284190_n 12115554_10153243156082055_6226676803120106757_n 12118751_10153243517812055_9087347706087154277_n 12140554_10200832232206130_2091834412181048466_n 12140644_10153243324067055_7693364918134339593_n

Notice: None of these posters may be used for any purpose whatsoever without the written permission of myself and the person displayed in the poster.

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