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Turning an ordinary photograph into a work of art

I have two daughters, and I love them both dearly, but I rarely have the opportunity to spend time with them together. This last Father’s day was one of those rare moments, and I wanted to make sure I captured to moment in picture. Unfortunately, while iHop makes great pancakes and omelets, they are not exactly a suitable environment for taking pictures.  On to Photoshop!

Laurel and Ashley


I always take pictures in the highest resolution in case I want to crop the image, but still have something I can set up for printing in 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 photographs. With this picture, I wanted to eliminate anything that looked like we were sitting in a restaurant. Then I thought I’d have a little fun and add some oil brush strokes to the picture to give it an artistic flare. After that, a little touch up here and there, add a bit of white veneti, and vuala!   I have a photograph that looks great framed and on my wall (and on my website).

Laurel and Ashley Finished - Link opens in a  new window

Click here to see the full-sized finished photograph

Now, I use Adobe Photoshop, which is prohibitively expensive for most users. there are numerous free or low-cost alternatives that will give you the ability to edit your photographs and create your own works of art. There is a free open source program called Gimp that does basically everything that Photoshop can do, although there is a bit of a learning curve involved. Another solution is Paint.net, which is also free, and pretty easy to work with.

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