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Use Password Savvy to make hard-to-hack passwords that are easy to remember

These days, in order to have strong password protection, you have to mix capital letters with lower-case letters, throw in a handful of random numbers, and sprinkle some punctuation around. I typically sit down with a piece of paper and write down a few random words, but words that I will remember, and then make some modifications and substitutions, until I have a strong password.

It’s easy enough, just write down some words, or even a phrase: “My name is James O’Brien

Then string them together: mynameisjameso’brien

From here, I like to substitute some letters for numbers. A becomes 4, B becomes 8, S becomes 5, and so on. mynameisjameso’brien becomes something like myn4m3i5j4m3s08r13n

Throw in a few punctuation and capitalizations, and you get a very strong password: MyN4m3i$J4m3s08R13n!

Easy right? But what if your mind doesn’t work like my mind does? Well first, count yourself lucky! It’s not easy being me! And then second, check out Password Savvy.

Password Savvy is a web-based password generating tool where you enter a few simple words, and Password Savvy kicks in and makes a strong password from your words. You can tweak the settings until you are happy with the password and are sure you can remember it.

Password Savvy


Check out Password Savvy for yourself. It’s free and easy to use, and safe! https://www.passwordsavvy.org





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