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Thank you to all Veterans of America

In the course of the year, I sometimes forget how fortunate I am to live in a country where I have so many freedoms and liberties, where I can work and make a decent wage, get a decent education, and where I am protected from harm from domestic and international terrors. Of course, with all the fighting that the US has been involved in during the past decade, it has not been easy to put aside the fact that all of my freedoms and comforts have come at a great price by veterans past and present. I take a lot for granted as an American.

Today however, is a day that reminds me to be thankful for the efforts and sacrifices of our American veterans. Some of whom were members of my family, and at least one who was recently buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, my Grandfather, Edwin Lijewski. Many have lost their lives or their limbs and all have been changed in some way in the course of serving their country. This is the price that has been paid for the freedoms I enjoy; the freedoms and liberties that all Americans enjoy.

I hope you will take just a moment today to let our veterans, past and present, know that their efforts are not forgotten, and are greatly appreciated. To all the American veterans, past and present, family, friend, neighbor, or fellow citizen, I personally thank you.


James E. O’Brien

Veterans of America

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