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Wi-Fi Analyzer App for Android

Whether you are a home user troubleshooting wireless connectivity issues in your home, or a mobile user just looking for a good public wireless signal, the Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android is a great tool to have; and it’s free!

Wi-Fi Analyzer does more than just show you what wireless access points (WAP’s) are nearby, much more.

Wi-Fi Analyzer will show you the channels of the nearby wireless networks, and show you where those channels are overlapping.  This is great if you live in an area where there are many WAP’s nearby, and you are experiencing connectivity issues because of overlapping signals.

While he Wi-fi Analyzer is intended for personal use, it may be of some value to network support technicians. I have seen the Wi-fi Analyzer app used in a hospital environment to map and analyze overlapping AP signals, and it worked quite well for pointing out signal strength and overlapping signals.  It’s not as robust as industry standard network diagnostics software, but for comprehensive basic troubleshooting, it works great.

You can download the WiFi Analyzer app from Android’s Marketplace at

The Wi-fi Analyzer has numerous screens, all of which are navigable in a single-tap menu, or finger-flicking left and right between the screens.

The Channel Graph shows nearby AP’s signal strength and the channels they are broadcasting on.  This view also shows where AP’s are overlapping, potentially causing signal problems. If you see this with your wireless network, you should change the channel on your wireless router to a range that doesn’t overlap or where overlapping is minimal.


With Channel Rating, the Wi-Fi Analyzer will analyze the AP you are currently logged into and recommend the best channel settings, based on overlapping with other AP’s. Very cool!


The Wi-fi Analyzer has an easy-to-read Signal Meter that let’s you walk around and measure your signal strength from different points. This is great for detecting dead zones.


The Time Graph will map the AP’s signal strength over a period of time, which can also be useful for troubleshooting connectivity issues.

All in all, this is a must have app for home users and technical people working with wireless networks and connectivity issues.  And since it is totally free, at least for now, it’s a perfect win-win situation!


Check the Wi-Fi Analyzer for yourself on Android’s Market Page



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