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Windows To Go – A Bootable Windows 8 on a USB Stick



windodws8_logoWindows to Go is a feature of Windows 8 that allows users to run Windows 8 from a USB 2.0 or 3.0 thumb drive. Windows to Go is essentially targeted to enterprise customers or people who work from a shared computer, or a home or computers in remote locations.

IT professionals may find Windows To Go valuable as it will allow them to boot a copy of Windows 8 extremely fast and diagnostic any existing problems on the local PC installation.

Bootable Operating systems aren’t new and neither is a bootable Windows stick, but these will be legal and supported. It’s not yet clear if Windows To Go will be available with all versions of Windows 8, or what kind of licensing policy will be required for it.

In this video you will see Steve Silverberg, Principal Lead Program Manager of Microsoft Corporation, demonstrate Windows To Go, technology that was created by him, his team and in collaboration with many others.


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